Franklin Energy Releases First-of-Its-Kind Utility Marketplace

February 3, 2022 Franklin Energy

PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. – Franklin Energy, a leading provider of end-to-end energy management solutions, announced today the launch of its advanced marketplace—a next-generation e-commerce solution that offers an all-in-one approach to products, services, and projects. Unlike traditional utility e-commerce solutions, the marketplace goes beyond a simple product purchase, allowing qualified customers to receive personalized recommendations, apply and combine instant rebates, enroll in demand-response programs, secure financing, and schedule installation all through a streamlined checkout process.

“Our marketplace solution is the first to fully support customer purchases of major household projects in addition to standard products commonly offered through online stores,” said Franklin Energy Vice President of Product Management Danielle Marquis. “Our solution offers transparent pre-negotiated installation pricing with integrated instant rebates and financing. Instead of providing customers with an overwhelming volume of options, we provide them with curated recommendations based on their unique needs, to streamline the purchasing process and position their utility as a trusted advisor.”

As the only software-plus-service solution currently on the market, marketplace prioritizes the customer experience by removing barriers to customer project completion. Marketplace combines product bundles, program enrollment, and direct install support with innovative offerings like interactive education tools for emerging technologies to increase program engagement and customer satisfaction.

“We’re evolving siloed product, program, and rebate incentive solutions to deliver the personalized experience consumers have come to expect from their utility,” said Franklin Energy Chief Commercial Officer Marisa Uchin. “Our marketplace inspires utility customers to take action and offers a streamlined solution that is targeted to their individual needs.”

Marketplace delivers benefits to both utility partners and their customers in one seamless platform to ensure customer interaction, active participation, and completed projects and services. To learn more about our marketplace, visit

About Franklin Energy  

Franklin Energy delivers end-to-end sustainable energy management solutions through a portfolio of intelligent products and services that lowers costs, reduces carbon and waste, and grows stronger communities and local economies. Franklin Energy is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2025, protecting our communities and planet while building a brighter, more sustainable future. 

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