Our NGAGE technology platform leverages a host of scalable, integrated tools which allow the platform to evolve with market needs. The foundation includes world-class security and data layers that set the stage for tailored solutions. 


Each solution suite—Discover, Connect, and Deliver—is comprised of offerings that are combined based on the challenges at hand and the desired customer experience. Suites can be combined in new ways to meet emerging market challenges, adapting to evolving requirements.


Marketing & Outreach

By integrating dynamic data points to create a personalized multi-channel experience, this module’s marketing and outreach capabilities increase program participation to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Our education module includes a suite of resources and tools that equips all types of customers to make informed decisions around energy usage and purchases. Tools range from program websites, to electrification guides to primary and secondary education solutions for teachers, students and administrators.

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Customer Engagement

Customers can access their account portal for usage and billing analysis, tailored action plans, online self-assessments, and more.

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Customer Link

Customers can identify program offers, apply for rebates, receive coupons, request services, and enroll in programs and rates.

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Grid Connect

Enable next-generation smart grids by connecting smart- and web-enabled devices and systems with utility head-end systems to provide load control.
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Customers and contractors can purchase discounted goods and services through the marketplace module, while lite versions of the marketplace can support pop-up style marketplaces and simplified kit ordering.

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Contractor Hub

From obtaining and maintaining enrollment, maintaining contact and profile information, submitting and tracking rebates, receiving leads and work orders to accessing exclusive educational and training resources, the Contractor Hub module helps contractors grow their business without overcommitting time and resources toward program participation.

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Turnkey Field Services

This module includes everything required for turnkey field services including assessments, installation, project management, maintenance, and warranty of energy-efficient goods for homes and businesses.

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Product & Kit Fulfillment

This module encompasses e-commerce, custom or bulk kits, bulk drop-ship and third-party fulfillment for all types of energy efficiency, electrification, and weatherization products. It also includes order tracking, fulfillment, shipping, warehouse management, and customer ordering portals.

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Program Management

The program management module includes everything required to implement and administer modern utility programs—including measure-level tracking and reporting with integrated calculation engines for TRM-based custom calculations, as well as work order and workflow management across individual programs with portfolio-level reporting and forecasting. Specialist tools support qualified product integration, application processing, built-in QA/QC, and more.

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Artificial Intelligence

Work smarter not harder with this suite of machine learning and AI integrated tools. Whether it is enhancing customer services, speeding up documentation or automating insight and report generation, this suite uses the latest and greatest in AI tools to enhance service delivery.

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Reporting & Analytics

This suite of robust reporting tools provides transparent real time reporting with advanced visualization tools and advanced analytics to provide accurate forecasts and timely insights.

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Customer Care

This module allows customers to receive support how and when they want by enabling customer care with our Salesforce-based CRM, call center management software, knowledge base, live chat, SMS, and voice messaging options.


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