Our transportation electrification solution accelerates the move toward decarbonization through a streamlined customer experience—from education and charger purchase or lease, to managed charging program enrollment, installation, and everything in between. Our turnkey capabilities enable utilities to effortlessly boost program engagement among both residential and commercial customers, enhance overall satisfaction, promote responsible charging habits, and effectively manage grid impact.

Driving the Future of Residential EV Ownership 

Our residential EV solution is the first to fully integrate product, technology, and installation services to support homeowners and renters. It includes: 

  • Targeted digital marketing with a propensity model capable of EV detection 
  • Customer education content and tools for EV and EV charger decision-making 
  • Multi-path site assessments with robust personalized equipment and installation recommendations
  • Equipment purchasing or leasing, instant rebates, enrollment in managed charging, and installation scheduling via our award-winning marketplace
  • Enrollment in managed charging
  • Level 2 EV charger procurement and distribution
  • Installation services
  • Customer care services
  • Incentive processing and reporting tools to provide transparency and robust reporting for utility staff  
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Moreover, our entire suite of services has been meticulously designed with a strong emphasis on equity and accessibility. Our tools are not only mobile-friendly but also accessible in multiple languages, and they accommodate various participation channels to ensure we reach customers where they are most comfortable. Franklin Energy is committed to assisting your customers in ways that align with their unique requirements, promoting increased participation and engagement.

Supporting Commercial Transportation Electrification

Leveraging 30 years of experience with commercial, retail, education, small business, mixed-use, and multifamily customers, our EV solution supports commercial customers through:

  • Contractor outreach and management
  • Site assessment, design, and engineering
  • Equipment procurement
  • Installation
  • Multi-stakeholder project management and incentive processing
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Customer care services
  • Robust reporting

Our strategic partnership with manufacturers and installation contractors provides experience in site assessments, engineering, permitting, procurement, and installation of Level 2 chargers, DC Fast Chargers, and micromobility charging hubs. Our network is available to support customers anywhere in the US and includes experienced MBD partners.

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One Comprehensive Experience

A Streamlined Customer Journey

We provide your customers with everything needed to take the next step in their EV journey under one integrated solution by bundling education, device purchase or lease, program enrollment, rebate processing and installation services.

EV Education That Supports Adoption and Ownership

We provide intuitive educational resources that demystify EVs by offering vehicle comparisons, cost-of-living ownership calculators, public charging maps, and EV dealer mapping to support purchase decisions and manage ownership. ROI benefits help make the case for installing commercial EV charging, and sample project steps provide guidance to small business owners.

Instantly Rebated Products and Incentive Processing

Qualifying rebates and incentives can be instantly applied to the purchase price of Level 2 EV chargers at the point of sale for eligible customers. We can even provide flexible lease offerings for Level 2 chargers. Rebates for DC Fast Chargers and micromobility charging hubs can be applied online and are rapidly processed when relevant construction milestones are met.

Reliable Product Procurement and Order Fulfillment

Our strategic partnerships, purchasing power, and distribution network help deliver qualifying Level 2 chargers, DC Fast Chargers, and micromobility charging hubs with pre-negotiated pricing and on-time order fulfillment.

Program Enrollment

Customers are automatically driven to pre-enroll in managed charging or TOU charging rate plans at the time of device purchase or lease, or during the application process to support program participation. Connectivity can also be confirmed before incentives are processed.

Quality Installation Support

Integrated field services allow for residential Level 2 installation scheduling at the point of purchase, removing barriers to customer program engagement and increasing conversion rates. Our trade ally network supports installation of Level 2 chargers, DC Fast Chargers, and micromobility charging hubs for commercial customers.




Navigating the Transportation Electrification Experience


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