Enabling products, services, and projects for a truly streamlined experience.

Unlike traditional utility e-commerce solutions, marketplace goes beyond the simple product purchase to allow qualified customers to receive curated recommendations, apply instant rebates, enroll in EE programs, and schedule installation via a streamlined checkout process.


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NC Electric Cooperatives
National Grid
City of Glendale Water and Power

One Marketplace, Expanded Participation

Our marketplace solution for products, services, and projects is the first marketplace that fully supports customer purchase of major household projects, in addition to standard products commonly offered through online stores. When combined with direct install support, program enrollment, and education, we offer the only software plus service solution in the market.



Where All Your Programs Come Together


Instantly Rebated Products

Qualifying rebates and incentives are instantly applied to the purchase price once the customer validates their purchase through an add-to-cart process.

Reliable Order Fulfillment

Leveraging utility purchasing power allows us to deliver qualifying products with pre-negotiated pricing and on-time order fulfillment.

E-Commerce Design

An optimized shopping experience follows best practices to increase conversions and customer satisfaction.

Personalized Project Recommendations

Qualification through an easy-to-complete quiz allows for equipment to be ranked as "good," "better," and "best" for customer comparison based on their personalized needs.

Quality Installation Support

Integrated field services allow for installation scheduling at the point of purchase, removing barriers for customer project completion.

EV Education & Chargers

Customers can learn about EVs and instantly purchase rebated home chargers or enroll in new rates.

Program or Rate Enrollment

Qualifying customers can automatically pre-enroll in demand-response programs at the time of purchasing a device.

Product Bundles

Configurable product bundle options allow customers to easily purchase related products at a discounted price.

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