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Franklin Energy’s purpose—to help all people use our world’s precious resources more efficiently—is more than marketing fluff. It’s a vision that our company’s old-photo-paul-schueller-and-first-officefounder, Paul Schueller, has carried with him since childhood.

Growing up in beautiful Port Washington, Wisconsin, Paul would pass smoke stacks every day and watch them spout thick, black smoke into the air.

Eventually, he thought, the whole sky will fill with black smoke if someone doesn’t stop it.

So there and then, he decided he’d dedicate himself to working toward a solution.

As an adult working for a utility, Paul observed the roadblocks they faced in helping people use resources more efficiently. He saw the challenges program managers were up against in meeting their goals. And he saw an opportunity to do better. To make the impact he’d dreamed about as a child to help protect the community he loved.

That’s how Franklin Energy was born—in a converted church, on the shores of Lake Michigan, with a passionate team who are still leading the company.



In the years since, Franklin Energy has grown and evolved to become a leader in energy efficiency, demand response and other distributed energy resources, through both organic growth and acquisition. We partner with utility, state and municipal clients nationwide and into Canada to create lasting, measurable change.

We do that through our turnkey demand side management programs for educationresidential, multifamily, small business, agricultural, and large commercial and industrial markets.

But we also do it by constantly striving to be the partner Paul wished he had had when he was working at a utility. One that listens, stays abreast of regulatory changes, and anticipates needs before they become roadblocks. One that delivers on promises—on time and on budget. One that does the right thing, even when no one is watching.


Where some companies see regulatory change and increasing competition as negatives, we see them as opportunities. We see them as a chance to grow, to adapt and ultimately to better serve our clients. 

In our 25 years in business, we’ve seen more than our fair share of change. We’ve seen companies come and go. We’ve seen fads and flashes in the pan. But we’ve also seen real innovation and growth.

Through it all, we’ve remained the vanguard of the industry, anticipating change and evolving with it every step of the way.

How? By listening. To our clients, to our boots-on-the ground experts and to your customers. By listening closely, we are constantly honing our expertise. It’s that evolution that makes us the engaged partner our clients need to elegantly meet program goals. Not with a frantic hustle at the end of the year, but with a steady and adept approach every single day.


When you ask those who know us best what sets Franklin Energy apart, you get different answers. Some cite our adaptability. Others, our honed expertise. Yet others point to our open and consistent communication. But all these attributes have the same core: Our people and our purpose.

Our Purpose (1)


Throughout our evolution, one thing has remained constant. We find the best people for the right jobs, and we give them the support they need to succeed. The appreciation we have for our experts permeates all our relationships. We deeply value the diverse backgrounds, experiences and desires of our clients and the communities we work in.

It’s also why we foster a safety-first mentality in all our interactions. This mindset shapes our approach to everything from program and warehouse management, to field efforts and customer interaction.


From our uniquely experienced executive leadership to our engaged, diverse staff, Franklin Energy Experts make up the industry’s best team to meet your grid optimization and customer engagement goals.

That experience adds up to something you can’t buy, make up or invent—and that’s trust. Trust that we will not rest until we have met and exceeded your goals and expectations. Trust that we will achieve new levels of success through investment and thoughtfully crafted approaches. Trust that at the end of the day, you know you are in good hands.