Our History

Founded in 1994, Franklin Energy has served an expansive portfolio of clients and millions of end-use customers across the nation, delivering solutions in sustainable energy for nearly three decades. We started by helping utilities implement energy efficiency programs in the commercial and industrial market, and we grew from there, expanding into serving clients across a wide variety of sectors including residential, multifamily, and more.

Who We Serve


With every new partnership and company that has been added to the team over the years, we have deepened our insights and grown our capabilities to better meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Resource Action Programs

Resource Action Programs added energy and water efficiency kits and school-based education offerings to our roster.

resource action programs



GoodCents introduced a demand response component to the organization, backed by over 40 years of experience.



AM Conservation

AM Conservation is a leader in efficiency products, allowing us to offer comprehensive, integrated solutions with the added bonus of manufacturing and delivering our own high-efficiency products.




PlanetEcosystems was acquired to provide our utility clients' customers with an enhanced experience by seamlessly connecting energy efficiency, demand response, and other distributed energy resources programs through automated participation paths tailored to the customer's needs and desires.



Build it Green

The acquisition of Build It Green allowed us to expand work along the West Coast and align resources to continue developing innovative grid optimization programs throughout the country.



Cultivate Energy Optimization

Cultivate Energy Optimization brought the experience of a full-service energy management firm heavily rooted in the cannabis industry, which aligned with our focus on the indoor agriculture transformation.



Evolve Technologies

Evolve Technologies provides increased resources to further deliver meaningful water, energy, and carbon savings through patented water-saving technology designed to save users money without changing their habits.



Snugg Home

Snugg Home is the company behind Snugg Pro, the market's preferred IRA-compliant tool when qualifying households for deep energy-saving improvements and accurately modeling savings.snugg-pro


Led by a team of industry veterans, our experts are passionate, ambitious, and dedicated to driving real change. We’re also committed to growing the energy industry as a whole, which is why we prioritize the creation of clean energy career opportunities and workforce development, especially in traditionally underserved communities.


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Above all, we believe our people are our most important asset. Regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, or any other differences among us, every person’s unique identity deserves to be celebrated. Within both our own employees as well as our partner network, we prioritize intentional inclusivity. Our differences make us stronger, and it’s through a variety of viewpoints that we can continue innovating and moving forward.

Discover Our Diversity Practices

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Our Future

The way we use energy is changing, and Franklin Energy is at the forefront of this monumental transition. From electric vehicles and building decarbonization to the advent of smart, grid-interactive homes, to an accelerating focus on sustainable energy affordability and equitable access, we are witnessing the most significant energy transformation in generations.


But change doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we’ve been working nonstop for almost 30 years to reverse the effects of climate change, support utilities’ energy efficiency goals, and build a more sustainable world for the next generation. We believe in a brighter future where cities are sustainable, energy and water are affordable for everyone, and career opportunities abound.



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