From digitization to renewables and everything in between, utility changes continue to accelerate. Across both the large scale of commercial and industrial to the rapidly evolving residential market, we’re proud to serve utilities and their unique sector needs. Our utility clients serve every type of customer, and we stand ready to support every opportunity that comes their way.


Commercial and Industrial

Commercial and industrial, or C&I, is a broad sector that spans everything from commercial real estate to small business to agriculture. We’ve implemented energy optimization programs for major telecommunications providers and supported traditional farming as well as indoor agriculture, and even helped our utility clients connect with their local hard-to-reach small businesses like grocery stores and breweries.

Energy Savings Through Network Equipment Consolidation

Energy Savings through network equipment consolidation

Targeting your approach


Living in a post-COVID-19 world, there’s no denying that energy usage has shifted dramatically within the residential sector with the rise of work-from-home culture across the nation. Add the growing rate of home electric vehicle charging, the advent of smart-home devices, and advanced metering infrastructure, and it becomes evident that the residential sector is ripe for opportunities in behavior change and energy management.

Targeting Your Approach


For utilities, connecting with the multifamily sector has always presented a unique set of challenges. The split-level incentives between landlord and tenant make it difficult to bring much-needed energy efficiency to multifamily housing. However, our programs have made it simpler for utilities to engage with this sector—across the country and regardless of income levels. 

Energy Savings for Multifamily Income-Qualified Homes

Energy Savings for Multifamily income-qualified households

Building a community with energy efficiency


In today’s rapidly evolving sustainability landscape, low- to moderate-income communities are often left behind. Without access to energy- and water-efficient technology or even behavioral education, these households are facing a heavy burden, paying significantly more money for energy—and using it less efficiently. We’re passionate about designing and implementing programs that not only engage this underserved market but make a significant difference in their energy and water consumption, while boosting the community in the process.

Building a Community with Energy Efficiency

Additional Resources

Workforce Education & Training

Workforce Education & Training

Reaching Income-Qualified Customers

Reaching Income-Qualified Customers

Serving Low-Income Communities Through Health, Energy, and Water-Efficent upgrades

Serving Low-Income Communities Through Health, Energy-and Water-Efficient Upgrades