Franklin Energy Announces Snugg Pro as First Platform Approved by US DOE for IRA Home Efficiency Rebates Program

July 2, 2024 Franklin Energy


PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. – Franklin Energy, the company behind the industry-leading residential energy auditing and productivity platform Snugg Pro, announced today its approval by the US Department of Energy (DOE) for use in the modeled pathway for single-family homes in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Home Efficiency Rebates Program.  

Snugg Pro’s utility bill calibration methodology has been verified as compliant with the BPI-2400 standard and meets all DOE requirements for data collection. Coupled with the Pearl Certification partnership, this makes Snugg Pro the first platform to comply with both legislative requirements for the modeled pathway of the Home Efficiency Rebates (HER, formerly HOMES) Program funded through the IRA.  

“The legislative text of the IRA mandates the BPI-2400 standard as a core component of the Home Efficiency Rebates Program,” said Lloyd Kass, Franklin Energy Vice President of Strategy and Market Development. “As state energy offices receive $4.3 billion from the HER rebate program, Snugg Pro is the only platform that provides contractors with a single interface to meet all of the HER program legislative requirements.” 

In whole-home efficiency programs, utility bill calibration is one of the most important predictors of modeling accuracy to provide homeowners, state energy offices, and utilities with confidence in expected energy savings. BPI-2400 defines a standard practice to calibrate pre-retrofit energy models to historical utility bills. Utilities that align their whole-home efficiency programs to this standard will be able to leverage rebate stacking with IRA funds available at the state level, which is critical to increasing customer adoption of higher-cost energy-efficient equipment such as heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and electric appliances. 

“This DOE approval expands the reach of our industry leading Snugg Pro energy auditing and productivity platform,” said Terry Sobolewski, Franklin Energy CEO. “We will continue to enhance our capabilities and ease of use, providing even stronger support to contractors, state energy offices, and utilities seeking to leverage the potential of the IRA programs.”  

Snugg Pro is used by over 2,000 companies in all 50 states and integrates with utility and government programs directly and through third-party program implementers. The tool’s features include: 

  • A user-friendly interface for collecting all data needed for a comprehensive home energy assessment 
  • Accurate, utility bill-calibrated home-energy savings models and sales proposals 
  • Deep integrations for utility bill acquisition, rebate stacking, and third-party certification with Home Energy Score and Pearl Certification as required by the legislative requirements for HER programs 

Through the addition of Snugg Pro into their technology platform, Franklin Energy continues to add value for contractors while simplifying program participation through comprehensive solutions for state energy offices, utility clients, program implementers, and other constituents across the energy ecosystem.  


About Franklin Energy 

Franklin Energy delivers end-to-end sustainable energy management solutions through a portfolio of intelligent products and services that lowers costs, reduces carbon waste, and grows stronger communities and local economies. Franklin Energy is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2025, protecting our communities and planet while building a brighter, more sustainable future.  

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