Franklin Energy Awarded Implementation Contract for National Grid E-Commerce Marketplace

July 18, 2022 Franklin Energy

PORT WASHINGTON, Wis., July 12, 2022-Through enhanced product selection and customer engagement features, Franklin Energy will provide technology and expertise for a seamless customer experience through National Grid’s e-commerce marketplace.

Franklin Energy, a leading provider of end-to-end energy management solutions, announced today that they have been selected to implement National Grid’s online marketplace, an enhanced e-commerce solution that enables customer engagement throughout the purchase process of products, services, and projects related to energy efficiency, demand response, and electrification programs.

“We worked closely with National Grid on the design of this customized, scalable marketplace to meet their unique needs, and we are excited to bring our experience and support to their customers,” said Danielle Marquis, Franklin Energy Vice President of Solution Management. “As the only software-plus-service solution in the market, we’re able to combine EV education, EV charging, EE product bundles, DR program enrollment, and more to increase both program engagement and customer satisfaction in support of decarbonization goals.”

Franklin Energy combines their extensive customer engagement and e-commerce experience with an innovative platform design to provide residential and commercial electric, gas, and combination customers an opportunity to obtain information, procure products, and participate in a variety of National Grid energy efficiency, demand response, and electrification programs.

“Franklin Energy and National Grid share a combined vision of delivering smarter, more resilient and affordable energy solutions to customers,” said Marisa Uchin, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer of Franklin Energy. “I am confident this will transform the way customers manage their energy use, driving a more seamless, connected customer experience.”

About Franklin Energy
Franklin Energy delivers end-to-end sustainable energy management solutions through a portfolio of intelligent products and services that lowers costs, reduces carbon and waste, and grows stronger communities and local economies. Franklin Energy is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2025, protecting our communities and planet while building a brighter, more sustainable future.

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