Franklin Energy Partners with the New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department to Implement IRA-Funded Home Electrification and Appliance Rebate Program

May 14, 2024 Franklin Energy


PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. – Franklin Energya leading provider of energy efficiency and sustainable energy management solutions, announced today that they will implement the state of New Mexico’s Home Electrification and Appliance Rebate (HEAR) Program for single-family homes.

The HEAR program is funded through the federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, the largest investment in reducing carbon pollution in the country’s history. Billions of dollars of HEAR funds will be distributed to low-income households to help electrify homes which will then lower utility costs. As HEAR rolls out through state governments across the nation, New Mexico is setting the pace as one of the first states to have applied to the federal Department of Energy for HEAR funds; they are also among the earliest to procure an implementation partner with this contract award to Franklin Energy.

New Mexico’s HEAR program is being administered by the Energy Conservation and Management Division (ECMD) of the state’s Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD).

“For the last three decades, Franklin Energy has continued to transform our capabilities into resources that can be leveraged by the entire ecosystem of energy solution providers,” said Terry Sobolewski, Franklin Energy CEO. “We have years of experience providing energy efficiency support to electric and gas utilities in New Mexico, and we’re excited to utilize our knowledge of the local market and our existing contractor network to further transform the homes of low-income residents. We are committed to supporting New Mexico and other states across the nation who are seeking to leverage the potential of IRA programs while advancing the evolution of decarbonization measures within the clean energy landscape.”

“This work will be transformative for the households in my home state and will help the state reach the climate goals set forth by our governor,” said Alyssa Latuchie, Franklin Energy Director of Market Development and a Santa Fe, New Mexico resident. “New Mexico is at the front of the pack, leading the charge towards implementing the programs coming out of the Inflation Reduction Act. These programs, along with the state programs that New Mexico has in place, are poised to really make an impact for low-income households across this state. It’s an exciting time to be in this industry, and it’s an exciting time to be in New Mexico. We at Franklin Energy are eager to get started.”

Franklin Energy will work with ECMD to implement the HEAR Program, bringing rebates to low-income New Mexicans for items like heat pumps, insulation, air sealing, and heat-pump water heaters. These rebates will help reduce the purchase price of these energy-saving products, making them more accessible to low-income households.

About Franklin Energy

Franklin Energy delivers end-to-end sustainable energy management solutions through a portfolio of intelligent products and services that lowers costs, reduces carbon waste, and grows stronger communities and local economies. Franklin Energy is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2025, protecting our communities and planet while building a brighter, more sustainable future.

About New Mexico Energy Conservation Management Division

The Energy Conservation and Management Division (ECMD) is part of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD), the agency that is leading the state’s charge toward clean energy adoption. ECMD is the U.S. Department of Energy’s designated State Energy Office for New Mexico.


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