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The days of work being done in individual siloes are behind us. Forward-thinking utilities know that in order to meet today's challenges—and anticipate those that lie ahead—collaboration is key. 

Energy efficiency, water conservation, demand response, and other distributed energy resources ... It doesn't make sense to look at these as separate endeavors anymore—not when there's so much opportunity for synergies with grid optimization and customer engagement technologies. Today, load is being optimized for generation. And programs are being optimized for each customer's unique journey.

That's why so many utilities across the United States and Canada choose to partner with Franklin Energy to implement portfolio-level solutions. By anticipating industry trends and capitalizing on connections across different programs, we are able to provide a seamless experience for you and your customers, while providing predictability for your generation portfolio. 

Franklin Energy is the only company in the industry with decades of both energy efficiency and demand response experience, a founder-led executive team with their eye firmly on the future and industry-leading customer engagement technology. What's more? Our sister company, AM Conservation Group, is the industry's leading provider of energy efficiency and water conservation products. Our unique background and integrated capabilities give us the insight and tools to build relationships and programs where others can't. We have our finger on the pulse of grid optimization and customer engagement, allowing us to design customer-centric programs, with greater savings at lower costs, that maximize performance and capacity of the distribution grid. 



When we administer your portfolio-level solutions, our goal is to provide turnkey program management so you can have more success—and less stress. We do that by serving as the centralized point of contact for all your grid optimization, customer engagement and product programs. This approach builds consistency as we implement all the programs in a unified and logical way. Program managers love it because it cuts chaos and makes it easier to track progress and meet goals.


Our regional portfolio programs take a whole-picture view to combine programs and engagement across utilities and sectors. Regional solutions are particularly well-suited to urban areas with multiple utilities or utilities of various sizes, and they can help connect energy utilities with water utilities. Customers love it because it reduces confusion. Utilities love it because it increases cost-effectiveness while creating a logical customer journey.


With our statewide portfolio programs, we unify efforts across utilities and sectors, which creates impressive synergies. Consistent branding means less consumer confusion, greater message saturation and increased participation rates. And our hybrid approach allows individual utilities to customize their programs to the unique needs of their customer base, while benefiting from the messaging that their customers are seeing statewide.


With long-term portfolio clients ranging from G&T cooperatives, to the largest municipally-owned electric and gas utility in the United States, to one of the largest urban IOUs in North America, Franklin Energy has deep experience developing single utility portfolio solutions. 

In the urban Chicago market, Franklin Energy partners with a large investor-owned utility and various smaller municipal electric and gas utilities to provide standard branding and consistent programs to customers that reduce confusion and increase participation.

We have been providing award-winning implementation services for Wisconsin's statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program since 2001. Focus on Energy has saved Wisconsin residents and businesses more than $730 million in energy costs. 


Best for customers and utilities.

Customer engagement is key to the success of Franklin Energy's portfolio-level programs. The traditional approach to demand side management programs has been too fragmented for customers to wrap their heads around. 

We are constantly asking ourselves how we can improve your customer's experience. Do they know what demand response is, and why they should care? Do their eyes glaze over when we talk about distributed energy resources, but their ears perk up when we talk about smart thermostats, solar and battery storage? We want to change the program conversation and focus on grid optimization in a way your customers actually understand. Our coherent program design, marketing and implementation strategy reduces confusion and creates a logical journey, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. 

At Franklin Energy, we have a 40-year history of working with utilities of all sizes to maximize program results. We can find synergies that allow for collaboration within utility departments, or even between utilities across regions or entire states.


  • Clear understanding of available programs
  • Streamlined experience
  • More savings


  • Greater economies of scale
  • Consistent marketing and outreach
  • Accurate, whole-portfolio reporting