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Energy efficiency programs

Commercial and Industrial programs are the foundation of Franklin Energy. Over 25 years of experience means we offer a broad variety of solutions to fit every segment in the market. Our unique one-on-one energy advisor model serves as the cornerstone of our commercial vision, engaging customers and trade allies with innovative technologies, efficiency platforms and personalized, concierge-level services. 

As the energy efficiency landscape shifts and evolves, we believe in doing more than just keeping up. Our commercial and industrial programs have been designed to pioneer the industry in achieving energy savings, building utility-customer relationships, and driving lasting behavior change. When it comes to the solutions we offer, no small business is too small and no commercial building is too big.

Our Approach to Commercial & Industrial

C&I Portfolio Solutions

Utilizing best practices, technical expertise and technology, Franklin Energy helps utilities realize the full potential of their C&I portfolio. Combined with a commitment to delivering unmatched client services and tools, we help utility customers make better, smarter decisions. 


Prescriptive and Custom

We empower utilities to serve their customers in the way that works best for them with our prescriptive and custom solutions. From a targeted single-sector approach to one that spans multiple markets, we have the experience to deliver savings.


Small Business

We offer an entire suite of options and approaches to meet the unique needs of small businesses. Whether a customer is looking for an easy, low-touch solution or seeking a long-term partner, we can tailor our approach for their individual needs.

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New Construction

Whether new construction or renovation, we provide expertise to create a more energy-efficient and sustainable facility. We empower building developers, design teams and customers to create buildings that deliver exceptional performance.



Rooted in our deep experience with industrial customers, we offer a proven set of organizational tools, systems and processes for a holistic and systematic approach. Our goal is to assist your customers in achieving continuous improvement.

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We offer school districts a systematic approach to assessing current and future energy costs and creating a plan for short- and long-term success. Our focus is on overall energy performance while highlighting the benefits of creating a better learning experience.



Retro-commissioning is our systematic process for investigating, analyzing and optimizing the performance of existing building systems. From offices to manufacturing plants and everything in between, we offer solutions for nearly every customer and size.



We take a farm-to-table approach to deliver targeted services to traditional crop and livestock farms, controlled environment agriculture and vertical farming. Program design includes technologies like spectrum-shift LED poultry lighting, robotic milking systems, renewable energy and more.

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Commercial Real Estate

Solutions for this diverse market focus on improving the efficiency of existing portfolios and tenant fit-outs. We start with an in-depth understanding of the local market through research and stakeholder engagement, then tailor our design for the unique customer base and specific service territory.

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With the telecommunications sector growing at the speed of light, energy consumption and costs have increased significantly nationwide. Our optimization programs play a pivotal role in minimizing energy usage, achieving peak performance, consistency and system reliability. 

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Franklin Energy's Commercial & Industrial



Engineering Services

Our team of professional engineers and Certified Energy Managers help buildings run at peak performance by identifying solutions to save money, time and energy. We offer our services to utilities, state agencies and directly to end consumers.


Commercial Energy Audits

Our engineers take a comprehensive approach to energy audits based on an in-depth understanding of building systems and technologies while reducing site impacts.


Trade Ally Services

We understand that relationships and collaboration are essential to the success of any C&I program. That's why we consult with local contractors to build a trade ally network that's not only familiar with your community's values, it's embedded in it.

Experience that Matters

Reducing Communications Energy Costs and Consumption

Franklin Energy's telecommunications optimization services support US Cellular's initiatives to reduce costs through participation in their energy efficiency programs. 

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Agriculture: Finding Efficiencies in the Barn

With the goal of making their family farm more energy efficient, a Midwest family took advantage of their utility's agricultural energy efficiency program, helping cut costs and conserve energy.

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Supporting Small Businesses with Virtual Energy Coaching

When COVID-19 forced utilities to go virtual, we launched an award-winning virtual energy coaching program to help client Consumers Energy achieve their savings goals.

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