Franklin Energy and Energy Infrastructure Partners (EIP) are partnering to serve low- to moderate-income multifamily households through strategic energy management.

At a Glance:

The Partners: Franklin Energy and Energy Infrastructure partners (EIP), a nationally certified minority-owned business with a leading-edge multifamily strategic energy management offering

The Plan: Leverage decades of results-oriented strategic energy management (SEM) expertise to improve energy equity throughout the country by providing traditionally underserved multifamily households with clean energy opportunities while supporting growth for community-based minority-owned businesses.

The Goal: Generate billions of dollars in energy savings while providing energy equity to disadvantaged communities, advancing community-level workforce development goals, reducing carbon emissions, and driving beneficial electrification. See the full press release for partnership details here. 


Overcoming Barriers to Adoption with SEM

SEM is a completely different approach to engaging multifamily to reach more people and generate more savings.

Strategic energy management programs are prevalent in the US and Canada, but multifamily and low- to moderate-income sectors have especially not been a target. We aim to change that.

Why multifamily SEM works;

  • SEM seeks to engage both the residents and the building operation staff through digital communications, local energy champions, educational workshops, and training.
  • Energy savings are benchmarked and tracked to help participants see changes and understand how they can be a part of something bigger, like reduced GHG and reduced energy strain on the grid. 
  • SEM can bridge the gap for management properties by benchmarking and visualizing how they compare to other buildings.
  • Results from multifamily SEM are not all energy-related. Non-energy benefits such as more engaged residents and staff improved resident comfort, reduced maintenance calls, and an optimized building system are a huge draw for multifamily property owners and managers. 
  • SEM helps tackle the pandemic-related increase in work-from-home residents and impact on buildings operations and energy usage profiles at many properties that have resulted in over-building consumption.

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Energy Equity is the Key

Together with EIP, our goal is to engage the low- to moderate-income multifamily households with clean energy opportunities and support growth for community-based MBEs through innovative program offerings. 

In this country, income tends to correlate with other important social factors like race and ethnicity and these communities of color have traditionally been left out of the greening of our economy. 

Low- to moderate-income households face a substantially higher energy cost burden than the rest of the country and reducing carbon and energy bills is of growing concern for multifamily owners, operators and occupants.

EIP and Franklin Energy bring strategic energy management and a diverse perspective to deliver energy equity to an underserved segment of the multifamily housing community along with workforce development opportunities to serve disadvantaged communities. 

Our partnership extends directly to resident through collaboration with local community action agencies that already have deep-rooted relationships in these communities.