Residential Support Services

Providing proven systems and processes aimed at supporting residential programs.

Franklin Energy works with state and utility partners to design, support and implement programs that service all segments of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional energy consumers.


Who Benefits?

State Energy Offices

  • Streamline processes, create efficiencies to handle expanded federal funding
  • Reduce friction and increase participation among community action partnership agency service providers, contractors, and multifamily property managers
  • Reach communities traditionally underserved by efficiency programs such as disadvantaged communities, rural areas and multifamily properties

CAP Agencies, Contractors, Suppliers

  • Relief from time-consuming, manual processing and reporting
  • Increase availability of contractors, engage and on-board contractors
  • Engineering support for multifamily building audits and more
  • Ease of access to quality materials and equipment at predictable costs

Program Participants

  • Increased access and improved customer experience
  • Access to complementary or alternative programs offered through the local utility
  • Availability of stacked funds from multiple entities beyond WAP, including state and utility

Our Experience

Program Highlight - Delaware: 
The Department of Energy saw recent success in achieving its 1 millionth Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® residential retrofit through Energize Delaware, a Franklin Energy-implemented initiative.




Services Provided


Marketing and Outreach

Energy Audits

Contractor Recruitment and Training

Engineering Services

Product and Equipment Sourcing

Rebate Processing

Reporting & Analysis

Call Center Services

Health and Safety Products and Upgrades

Franklin Energy provides turnkey program services which can serve homes in need of deferred maintenance, health/safety retrofits or WAP ineligible families with exceedingly high utility costs and efficiency needs.

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