Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions engage customers to drive decarbonization.

Franklin Energy's SaaS solutions leverage data to strategically engage customers and support energy equity. We empower energy savings, decarbonization, and electrification, by enabling:

  • Personalized communications that allow customers to view their energy usage/GHG impact and cost, gather insights, and take action
  • Reduced emissions through segment-specific education, messaging, alerting, reporting, and incentives
  • Maximal participation by an inclusive design that is sensitive to diversity and equity of the whole population
  • Tools that help utilities maximize AMI investment, balance the supply of electricity, and increase the reliability of the power grid

Last year, Franklin Energy accomplished:



We distributed $55,000,000 incentive dollars to low-income customers.


We distributed more than $173,000,000 in energy efficiency incentives to customers.


Our work through our client utilities resulted in the reduction of 1,700,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2022.



Our SaaS products support decarbonization through six key areas:


Demand Management

Demand management unlocks powerful strategies for grid stabilization and customer satisfaction, including behavioral demand response, peak time rebates, time-of-use (TOU), and rate analysis.

Energy Efficiency

Achieve energy and demand savings goals through energy efficiency programs. Effective strategies include segmented home energy reports (HERs), behavioral alerts, and personalized energy-saving action plans.

Customer Engagement

Utilities can improve customer engagement and satisfaction with proven strategies like customer & behavioral journey alerts, HERs, customer engagement platforms, and rewards & gamification.


Electrification is vital for helping utilities meet decarbonization goals. A key component is load detection, which can segment customers for cross-program promotions, EV and PV segmentation, and TOU programs.

Energy Equity

Energy equity is an increasing concern for utilities. Franklin Energy can identify, segment, and create customized messaging for disproportionately impacted populations, including rewards and gamification programs.

Data Science and Products

Data is at the core of Franklin Energy’s technology offerings, including reporting and forecasting, program evaluation, robust data pipelines, security and privacy, and machine learning/AI for data imputation and load detection.

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