Franklin Energy to Implement Xcel Energy’s Demand-Side Management Behavioral Program

September 18, 2019 Franklin Energy

The Energy Feedback program provides targeted communication of energy-use comparisons and information, called the Home Energy Report (HER), to Xcel Energy’s residential customers, providing specific recommendations and feedback to motivate and educate customers on how to reduce their energy consumption. The program will support Xcel Energy through their AMI service launch, an initiative that will further optimize HER personalization. Xcel Energy will be providing these services across their service territories in Minnesota, Colorado and New Mexico, starting January 2020 and serving over 870,000 customers.

Franklin Energy will work with Xcel Energy to expand customer engagement strategies with solutions from the company’s NGAGE™ technology suite, including home energy reports, a customer engagement platform and an online trade partner locator. These new tools will broaden customer energy savings through effective behavioral changes. Xcel Energy can offer immediate functionality leveraging advanced metering infrastructure and scale over time as needs change.

“This partnership is an exciting way to demonstrate the capabilities of personalized customer journeys,” says Steve Malloy, Franklin Energy’s Chief Innovation Officer. “Our NGAGE™ suite offers a true end-to-end experience designed to help customers take action. We look forward to supporting Xcel Energy with a fully-integrated platform that serves as their customers’ number one energy resource.”

NGAGE™ is a platform for utilities to connect with customers and facilitate participation in utility programs throughout every user’s unique journey. NGAGE™ uses machine learning technology to make customer communications simpler and more productive while increasing program engagement through personalized recommendations and integrated rewards. The platform also provides the utility with reporting and analytics from an integrated data set and supports partners like service providers and retailers with customized implementation tools.

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