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Our Approach to Grid Optimization

After years of utilities struggling to try and match their energy supply with demand, the industry finally got wise and leaned into flexible and distributed energy resources, supplementing or even replacing traditional models. That's why we've combined grid optimization measures with responsive technology for real-time adjustments and no more guesswork.

We're anticipating an electrified future, which means we'll need an optimized energy grid to make it happen. That's why it's important to focus on managing EV growth, balancing residential and commercial demand response, and managing customers' behind-the-meter storage.

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Let Your Utility Shine

Optimizing the grid is simple. All it takes is creating the perfect balance among reliability, availability, efficiency and cost. Ok, so maybe simple isn't the word for it. But our services make it easy for your utility. Plus, a thriving smart grid is pretty cool. It includes features like:


Customer participation and engagement


Wi-Fi-enabled appliances including thermostats and light bulbs


Integration of new technologies like advanced metering infrastructure


Electric vehicles and related infrastructure


Renewable energy resources and energy efficiency measures

Program Design That's More Flexible Than Your Neighbor Who Does Yoga

Your utility serves a lot of people. And those people are all unique and diverse, which means they don’t all want the exact same things. That’s why our modular program gives you the power to provide customers with flexibility and meet them wherever they want to be met. Our custom-designed residential demand response programs are made for flexibility, guaranteeing a seamless experience for both utilities and their customers.

Our proven strategies are designed to engage, educate and motivate customers to reduce energy use. We utilize approaches like behavioral demand response, integrated marketplaces, bring your own device (BYOD) programs, direct installation, in-store rebates and more. Years of experience means we know what works—and for your utility, it means an immediate reduction in system peaks, additional MW savings in an overall DR program portfolio, and improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

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No Warehouse Too Big, No Storefront Too Small

We were founded on serving the commercial, industrial and small business sector. That history adds up to over two decades of experience in both implementing end-to-end program services and providing consulting services for smaller program components. We’ve optimized our approach to serving your commercial customers by balancing our tried-and-true legacy systems with new technologies and methods.

We’re not into the whole one-size-fits-all thing around here. We are, however, into maintaining system reliability and reducing peak electricity consumption. Oh, and customer satisfaction. We’re into that too.

What does that mean for your utility? It means we offer both manual and automated demand response programs completely dependent upon your needs, customized to include selecting, installing, and managing control technologies that focus on minimizing device complexities and costs. It also means we work with you and your customers to conduct appropriate testing and make sure enrollment commitments are achievable. And last but not least, we monitor performance throughout the program to ensure your customers and partners are consistently realizing value from their participation in the program through on-bill or independent incentive delivery channels.


From Point A to Point B, But Make It Electric

From first-time buyers to long-time owners to the people thinking maybe I could buy an EV if I knew more about how they work, we’ve got a solution for every customer. Utilities can choose from our suite of EV offerings to give customers what they need, including:

  • Educational content
  • Vehicle comparison and cost-of-ownership calculators
  • Level-two (240v) charger marketplace
  • Public charger and EV dealer mapping
  • Program and incentive eligibility and enrollment


Electric vehicles are steadily growing in popularity all across the country, which means utilities are in a limited window of opportunity to position themselves as knowledgeable advisors within a new market. EV-related communication and resources open the door for utilities to influence home charger selection, encourage enrollment in demand response and TOU rate plans, and ultimately drive responsible charging behaviors to manage grid impact.

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Battery Storage and PV: The Next [Energy] Frontier

Like any self-proclaimed energy geek within the industry, your ears probably perk up at the mention of battery storage and solar photovoltaics (PV) systems. While these exciting technologies are on the rise, most utility customers aren’t quite as thrilled about them—mostly because they don’t understand them. Our battery storage and PV programs help your utility encourage adoption by simplifying the complex technology and generating awareness. We offer rate and product comparison tools installation cost estimates, and we support a wide variety of program options for you and your customers, including the following: BES + solar as a service, PPA, project financing, net metering, and time-of-use (TOU) optimization. (We warned you this was for the energy geeks.) In addition to our host of programs, we encourage participation by providing the calculation, communication, processing and management of program rebates and incentives.

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Surprising Trends in EE Programs to Incorporate into Your Portfolio

Utilizing a unique start-up process and scalable program design, Franklin Energy provided immediate load-reduction savings, workforce development, and a positive customer experience to an unlikely customer.

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Becoming the Utility of the Future Through Grid Optimization

Utilizing a unique start-up process and scalable program design, Franklin Energy provided immediate load-reduction savings, workforce development, and a positive customer experience to an unlikely customer.

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