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Clean Should Mean Affordable

Sixty-one percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. These factors have combined to highlight the energy burden many working families must face.

Making Energy Work for America's Working Families

Listen in as our former CEO Jim Madej speaks with host Jason Price about energy affordability, serving local communities, and more.

Impact Café Podcast:
2022 Policy Update

Join esteemed panelists David Terry of NASEO, Michelle Gransee of the Minnesota State Energy Office, and Rory Christian of New Public Service Commission and State Department of Public Service to discuss 2022 federal and state policy.

Client Story:

When a large national telecommunications provider needed to minimize energy usage while optimizing and migrating their communications technology across the Midwest, they turned to their local utilities who partnered with us.

Client Story:

When a first-time property owner took over an income-qualified multifamily building, she quickly discovered energy efficiency upgrades were key to creating a comfortable, more sustainable community for her residents.

Client Story:
Surge Protection

We worked with Georgia Power to increase non-electric revenue and boosted customer satisfaction by helping customers protect their homes through a surge protection program that encourages households to expect the unexpected.

Our Utility Clients Include: