For program managers who are looking to remove barriers and increase customer installation of energy-saving products and projects, Marketplace is a next-generation ecommerce solution that creates a one stop shop for products, services and home improvement projects. Unlike traditional utility ecommerce solutions, Marketplace goes beyond the simple product purchase to allow qualified customers to receive curated recommendations, apply instant rebates, enroll in EE programs secure financing, and schedule installation via a streamlined checkout process. 

Enabling Technologies

  • Marketplace
  • Program Management Suite
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Product Description

Our marketplace solution for products, services, and projects is the first marketplace that fully supports customer purchase of major household projects in additional to standard products commonly offered through online stores. When combined with direct install support, DR enrollment, and the EV education and charger module, we have the only software plus service solution in the market. Our solution offers transparent pre-negotiated product and installation pricing with integrated instant rebates and financing via a single checkout, whereas our competitors are limited to post purchase rebates or competitive bid comparison.  Instead of providing customers with a large volume of options, we provide them with curated recommendations base on qualification and project quiz results, presenting good, better, best options to streamline and remove barriers to the purchasing process. 

Product Details

  • View available offers, compare features, see instantly rebates pricing (with installation and additional program enrollment incentives stacked), access financing, and purchase through a simple ecommerce checkout experience
  • Quality Installation Support – Integrated field services and contractor management allows for installation scheduling at the time or purchase, removing barriers for customer project completion 
  • Order Fulfillment – Leverages utility purchasing power to assemble qualifying products with pre-negotiated pricing with best-in-class order fulfillment 
  • Financing – Automatic pre-approval for financing at the time of purchase without needing an additional application  
  • EV Education & Chargers – Integrates EV content and ability for customer to purchase instantly rebates home chargers 
  • EV Rate Enrollment – Similar to DR program enrollment. At time of purchase of charger. 
  • DR Program Enrollment – Automatically pre-enroll qualifying customers in DR program at the time of purchasing a smart thermostat. 
  • Instant Rebated Products – qualifying rebates and incentives are instantly applied to the purchase price once the customer validates their purchase via an add to cart process 
  • Product bundles – Configurable product bundle options to allow customers to easy purchase related products at a discounted price. 
  • High-performing ecommerce design and functionality allowing for shopping experience following best practices to increase conversion and customer satisfaction 
  • Online chat support  
  • Ability for customers to shop prior to validation, ensuring a positive customer experience 
  • Barrier free validation and qualification via easy to complete quiz allows for equipment to be ranked as good, better, best for customer comparison based on their personalized needs 
  • Manufacture and custom promotion participation allowing for limited time sales to be promoted to boost purchases