For Program Managers who are implementing kit delivery programs, our kit solution allows for either direct ship or opt in online kit ordering channels.  Our direct ship kit programs allow for easy, dependable product delivery to end use customers. Unlike other kit delivery programs, our solution offers dependable fulfillment with an unboxing experience that boosts installation rates and customer satisfaction​. Our online kit ordering solution is an opt-in channel that eases the barrier to kit ordering through streamlined validation while offering product education and installation support to improve installation rates. Unlike traditional kit programs, our product does not require account number validation and allows for more robust delivery options from standard and custom kit fulfillment to subscription- based participation.​

Enabling Technologies

  • Online Kit Ordering
  • Program Management Suite


Product Orientation Recording

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Direct Ship Kits

Direct ship kit programs are used to reduce customers’ usage by providing a box of free energy-saving products to install in their home. This program uses an opt-out model, where we receive a list of qualified customers to bulk ship product to. Kits are built in bulk to ensure adequate and dependable stock at all times. Delivery of the kits is facilitated via a customer file provided by the customer and then run through our order fulfillment system. Finally, all kit program delivery is supported with installation support via branded box inserts with step-by-step instructions for each product received. 

Product Details

  • Rapid Targeted Savings Goals: Delivery of direct ship kits can be customized to quickly delivery energy-saving products to a targeted segment of utility customers, helping to meet year end goals or fill performance gaps
  • Order Fulfillment: Direct ship kits are built in bulk, ensuring that all orders can be delivered on time through our state-of-the-art ERP system
  • Installation Support: Each box includes a branded insert featuring step-by-step instructions for each product included along with cross promotion information about other products the customer may participate in
  • Box Design: Box designed can be customized to the utility branding and messaging ensures a positive unboxing experience delight customers
  • Competitive Product Pricing: Manufacturer relationships allow for strong purchasing power to drive competitive pricing to meet program budgets

Kit Ordering

Kit programs are used to reduce customers’ usage by providing a box of free energy-saving products to install in their home. Kit programs can be delivered thought an opt-out model, where we receive a list of qualified customers to bulk ship product to, or an opt-in model where we need to attract and convert customers. KitPick is our solution to the opt-in kit model focused on creating awareness of available products, easing the barriers to validation, and allowing customers to quickly order the kit that is right for them via an easy to complete quiz. Additionally, KitPick also allows for subscription service functionality where customers can sign up to receive a box of products on a recurring basis. Finally, all kit program delivery is supported with online installation support via one-on-one chat, animated installation videos and step-by-step instructions for each product received.

Product Details

  • Qualification: For opt-in programs, KitPick streamlines validating customers by address (and last name if an additional validation point is needed) rather than account number
  • Personalization: Opt-in kit programs via KitPick allow for us to deliver semi- or fully-custom kits based on customer quiz responses (e.g., semi-custom) or personal prefererences, qualification rules and product limits (e.g., fully-custom)
  • Box Design & Delivery: Custom box design available along with state-of-the-art warehousing and fulfillment capabilities ensure delivery timelines and unboxing experience delight customers
  • Subscription Based Delivery: Customers can opt-in for a subscription-based model that follows the same opt in process, but allows for continued delivery of products of the course of a year to drive recurring savings and continued engagement