For Program Managers who are implementing behavioral energy efficiency programs at mid-size utilities, our solution engages and educates residential or small business customers about their utility usage through comparison to similar homes or businesses and trended/historical analysis. Unlike traditional offerings focused on audits and rebates, our product is designed to reduce customer usage through behavior change and engagement in other relevant DSM programs, spurred by personalized suggestions, rewards, and incentives for actions taken. 

Enabling Technologies

  • Home/Business Energy Report
  • Customer Engagement Portal




Product Description

Home or Business Energy Reports (HERs) are designed to reduce customers’ usage, generally through usage data visualization, peer comparisons, and customized recommendations. The program assigns a randomly-selected population to either Treatment (receives HERs) or Control (does not receive HERs) groups. Key considerations for programs include whether normative-comparative peer comparisons are desired; whether HERs in print, e-mail, or both are desired; if gas usage is being considered (electric and/or water reporting needed); and approximate size of both print mailing and e-mail list for residential customers with at least 12 months of data. 

Key Functionality

  • Customized energy tips with estimated savings calculated based on their usage and home details along with additional online assessment results (if an assessment is included in delivery) 
  • Neighbor comparison to show customer usage compared to similar homes or businesses in their area 
  • Disaggregation based on monthly usage (not AMI) 
  • Cross-promotion of additional DSM program opportunities 
  • Standard reporting dashboards showing user engagement and completion of key customer actions