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Marketing for Multifamily Energy Efficiency Programs: Curb Their Enthusiasm and Engagement
Authored by: Lindsey White

The Changing Face of Programs in the Digital Age 
Authored by: Eric Wall

What’s Trending: Strategic Energy Management
Authored by: Paul Van Engen

Financing Energy Improvements – Insights on Best Practices to Engage Stakeholders and Marry Dollars with Demand
Authored by: Mark Brown

Residential Energy Use Behavior Change Pilot
Authored by: Ed Carroll, Eric Hatton and Mark Brown

Overcoming Barriers to Achieving Energy Savings in the Industrial Sector
Authored by: Nels Andersen and Mark Brown

Multifamily Energy Efficiency – Insights on Program Best Practices to Align Stakeholder Interests
Authored by:
Mark Brown, Greenway Insights LLC, under contract with Franklin Energy Services, LLC
Tom Syring, Franklin Energy Services, LLC

Air Source Heat Pump Efficiency Gains from Low Ambient Temperature Operation Using Supplemental Electric Heating
Authored by:
Mark Brown, Franklin Energy Services, LLC
Max Burke-Scoll, Franklin Energy Services, LLC
Jim Stebnicki, Franklin Energy Services, LLC

Utility Infrastructure Improvements for Energy Efficiency – Understanding the Supply‐Side Opportunity
Authored by:
Mark Brown, Franklin Energy Services, LLC
Mike Johnson, Viriditas Energy Consulting LLC

Energy Management Teams – Coordinator Resource Pilot Project
Authored by:
Tom Syring, Franklin Energy Services, LLC
Allen Gorell, Franklin Energy Services, LLC
Dean Laube, Franklin Energy Services, LLC