Residential Programs

Innovation at home

We know utilities serve a wide market with customers whose needs are as unique as their addresses. That's why our residential programs are hyper-focused on providing a user-first experience with Curist™. Whether self-serve, virtual, or in-home, we leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure customers are given the option to engage with their utility how they want, when they want. It's the quickest way to break down barriers, encourage lasting change and connect with a diverse market. Utilities especially appreciate the quick and discreet capability to identify income-qualified customers and offer additional rebates, products and services to this underserved sector.


Guide residential customers to

A More Efficient Future

Wherever your customers are in their journey, we tailor our program options to meet their needs. Our data-driven marketing and customer engagement solutions can guide them from where they are to where you want them to go.


Energy Efficiency Program

Our energy efficiency programs are tailored to encourage participation and make the experience as seamless as possible—for both customers and utilities alike.


Demand Response Program

Our experts help cost-effectively achieve immediate reduction in system peaks while increasing customer satisfaction and driving customer engagement. 


Kit Program

We provide you the tools to create an attention-grabbing box filled with energy- and water-saving products, customized to fit the needs of your unique service territory.



Promote program participation by allowing customers to make energy- and water-saving purchases without ever leaving their homes. 


Innovation at Home

As long-term industry leaders, we are uniquely qualified to bring innovation to our clients, partners, and the industry at large. In addition to our Curist™ virtual energy audit, we also offer the KitPick™ enhanced kit-ordering portal, video-assisted smart thermostat installation and much more. 


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Workforce Education and Training

Experiential Learning

Did you know that 94% of homebuyers rate energy efficiency as an important part of their house-purchasing decision? Green and energy-saving features are becoming increasingly popular options with homebuyers for a variety of reasons, including energy and financial benefits. Our diverse courses span the entire real estate industry, providing real estate agents, contractors, home assessors, and more with a variety of tools and skills to work knowledgeably with energy-saving homes.

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Boost Your Business

As energy labeling becomes more influential in the real estate market, you should be able to provide your customers reliable information to help them save money on energy bills and live more comfortably in their homes. As an official Home Energy Score Partner of the U.S. Department of Energy (serving California with a focus on PG&E’s service territory), we can help you complete the required FREE trainings and forms.

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High-Performance Homes in Your Area

The California Green Home Inventory Map aids local governments, building professionals, real estate professionals, utilities and other stakeholders in recognizing high-performance home market concentrations, allowing increased visibility of the opportunities within this growing market.


Experience That Matters


Non-Wires Alternative Delivers Load Reduction Savings

Utilizing a unique start-up process and scalable program design, Franklin Energy provided immediate load-reduction savings, workforce development, and a positive customer experience to an unlikely customer.

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Serving Low-Income Communities Through Health, Energy- and Water-Efficient Upgrades

Low-income residents in disadvantaged communities often benefit the most from energy efficiency programs that incorporate health, but they are often left behind.

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Quick Kit Delivery for Impressive Year-End Savings

When a large Northeast diversified energy company had less than a month to close the shortfall on their annual savings budget, they turned to our quick and seamless kit process generate end-of-year savings.

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