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Innovation Lab

Together, AM Conservation Group and Franklin Energy drive innovation by balancing user research, data and expertise with space for the big, crazy ideas that will take our industry to the next level.

As an organization, we have embraced and grown a culture that celebrates collaboration and drives innovation at every level. We welcome the diverse needs of our clients, learn from listening, and aim to evolve and exceed expectations. Innovation Lab is the culmination of these values, utilizing cross-functional teams to solve your biggest challenges.

What Is Innovation Lab?

Our Innovation Lab is a joint effort between Franklin Energy and AM Conservation Group to bring ongoing innovation to our clients, prospective clients, partners, and the energy industry at large.

As long-term industry leaders delivering programs, platforms, and products to drive key trends like decarbonizationdigitization, decentralization, and electrification, we are uniquely qualified to accomplish this goal. Innovation Lab initiatives include Workshops, Sprints, Projects, and Thought Leadership.

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Innovation Sprint Example

Innovation Workshops

Ideation Sessions

Clients and prospective clients come together to explain their challenges. Our team listens and identifies what the industry could do better to meet these needs. Ideas discovered during Innovation Workshops are further developed in Innovation Projects and Sprints.

Innovation Project Example

Innovation Projects

Strategic Initiatives

Often involving existing clients, Innovation Projects are defined project initiatives that improve upon or expand our current operations and best practices. They are a segue to Innovation Sprints.

Innovation Sprint Example

Innovation Sprints

Kickstarting Innovation

Completed by cross-functional teams from a variety of departments, an Innovation Sprint is an intensive five-day event that starts with a new product or program idea and ends with a functional, user-tested prototype. A successful Innovation Sprint prototype will move on to full development as part of our company roadmap.

Thought Leadership examples

Thought Leadership

Coming Full Circle

This is where our talent, experience, and passion come full circle. We present the results of our innovation efforts to the wider industry in the form of content marketing, industry presentations, reports, and more. We also share what we have learned, discuss best practices, and inspire innovation throughout the organization during our weekly internal Innovation Nanotalks.



Innovation Lab Logo

Our Innovation Lab Events



Innovation Sprint

December 2020

Next Generation Marketplaces


KitPick™ Launch

September 2020

Dynamic Kit-Ordering Portal

Explore KitPick™


Innovation Workshop

July 2020

Commercial & Industrial Programs of the Future


Innovation Sprint

June 2020

AR and Computer Vision-Based Video Tools for Virtual Audits


Innovation Sprint

May 2020

Dynamic Kit-Ordering Portal


Innovation Sprint

April 2020

Virtual Audit


Innovation Workshop

April 2020

COVID-19 Response


Innovation Sprint

December 2019

Customer Engagement Recommendations (in an un-authenticated interface)

 Innovation Lab Resources

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