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Our FutureWise™ high school program reaches tomorrow’s customers, leveraging behavior-changing education to create both immediate and lasting savings, while seeking to encourage the installation of energy-efficiency measures in households throughout your service territory. The program incorporates energy-founded classroom curriculum and a bilateral home audit, inspiring families to adopt new resource usage habits.

The program is divided into five education modules, allowing students to explore concepts including:

  • Home energy use
  • Efficiency
  • Managing and using renewable energy
  • The transmission and distribution system
  • Generation

Educational content analyzes the connection between energy and water, using the Socratic Method of Discovery. The program incorporates a rich workforce development and career exploration component, presenting opportunities in the Green Economy Sector and other STEM careers. Students are led through an online exploration of career analysis and readiness, to receive education on goal setting and exposure to action-oriented timelines for success. 



Real-life scenarios incorporated into FutureWise™ serve to educate and prepare students on their way to becoming informed consumers. Upon completion of the program, students will gain practical and relevant knowledge necessary to make educated decisions about their energy usage. Real-world preparation includes life skills and budgeting, a sample utility bill, and energy savings opportunities by product through the in-depth home audit.  The audit allows for the transfer of knowledge from the classroom to students’ homes and families.

FutureWise™ will help you reach the customers of tomorrow, setting students on the path to efficiency and success, while building a positive customer experience.


  • Goal-Oriented. FutureWise™ is designed to meet your goals and budget. We can provide a standard program that goes to market quickly, or something fully customized, created to be as unique as your service territory.
  • Cross-Promotional. Reach your residential customers with the right message, at the right time. Our program materials provide an excellent platform for existing program cross-promotion.
  • Full (STEAM) Ahead. We deliver a truly rich educational experience. All program materials meet or exceed state learning standards and the foundations set forth by Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) skills.
  • Verifiable Savings. We track program literacy scores, installation activities and consumer behavior changes, guaranteeing a program that meets EM&V requirements.
  • Teacher-Approved. FutureWise™ incorporates in-depth lesson plans and hands-on activities that engage students and their families, while receiving high recommendations from participating teachers.