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At any given moment, you’re trying to reach customers at every stage of the demand-side management journey—from those just learning about energy efficiency, demand response and other distributed energy resources, to those implementing suggestions made in an energy audit, connecting their smart thermostat to your demand response program or signing up for a dynamic rate.

Communicating in a way that’s relevant to customers at such diverse stages of participation is a challenge. But it’s necessary if you want to connect with them where they are—and guide them to the next best steps for their personal journey.

Today’s consumers expect you to speak to them as individuals. They want information and offers that work for them specifically, not generalized offers for homeowners, renters or small businesses. Utilities need to create “segments of one” to target each customer uniquely and convert them to long-term, high value program participants.

Rooted in behavioral insights and advanced market segmentation, personalized marketing is key to creating deeper and broader participation across your entire portfolio for years to come. And it requires more than just some psychographic segmentation buckets, a “Dear <<First Name>>” email and a basic nurture campaign.

That’s why we created Efficiency Journey, the newest member of our Efficiency@Work suite.



A labor of love between our award-winning digital marketing and technology product development teams, Efficiency Journey takes your messaging on a data-driven journey to increase participation rates, improve customer service and enhance customer engagement.

  • Right Message. What if your customers had a personalized dashboard on your website with specific recommendations to help them manage energy usage and bills during cold winter months? With Efficiency Journey, your customers get personalized, dynamic outreach based on past participation, behavior, energy usage, savings opportunities, customer record information and more. 
  • Right Format. What if an update in communication preferences resulted in an email recommendation to enroll in a new program, complete with online scheduling, and nurturing via targeted ads on Facebook? With Efficiency Journey's automated journey building, you can efficiently engage with customers the way they want, in the combination they want, whether via text, email, social media or even the utility website. 
  • Right Time. What if your customers could get a text reminder their technician is five minutes away based on GPS data, with a photo to make them feel confident and safe before there’s even a knock on the door? With Efficiency Journey, you can provide the support your customers need when they need it. 

Efficiency Journey allows you to connect with your customers as individuals, and develop smarter marketing the more they interact with you, which leads to network effects and builds leverage into the conversion process. That might sound like a lot of work, but our innovative technology makes it simple.

That’s Efficiency@Work.