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Message from Paul Schueller, CEO

"Coronavirus. Six months ago, it’s a word few of us had even heard. Now, it’s in nearly every headline and news article and email subject line across the globe. It has sparked anxiety, uncertainty and an array of mixed emotions.

As we find ourselves facing these extraordinary circumstances, I feel it is important to reach out to assure you that Franklin Energy is looking towards the future—and whatever it may bring—with a positive outlook. We are actively working on plans to emerge on the other side of this unprecedented situation ready to help each of our clients pick up the pieces of their programs and achieve their goals." Read the full message here.



NGAGE Digital Engagement

Let NGAGE help you build a deeper relationship with your customers during this time. From customer engagement to utility reports, online audits, marketplace, messaging and more, you can digitally boost your customer engagement in today's touchless world.
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Telecomunication Optimization

With customers spending all their time at home, and more time than ever online, bandwidth usage has increased dramatically. By optimizing the telecommunications systems used to reach residential neighborhoods, we can provide communities needed enhancements, while achieving energy savings and reducing costs for providers.
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Online Marketplace

Empower customers to save money on their utility bills and save energy while working from home. With an online marketplace, your utility can stand out as the go-to resource for energy-efficient product purchases. Customers are already doing most of their shopping online, so providing a marketplace will conveniently meet them where they are.
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Virtual Energy Audits

Customers can schedule phone or video-based energy audits with professional energy auditors. They can also utilize digital forms, online chat and video conference tools for an on-demand virtual assessment option.
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Student Housing & School Retrofit Projects

When class is in session, it is nearly impossible to complete energy efficiency projects on higher education campuses. Now is the time to address HVAC, lighting and other projects that your customers wouldn’t otherwise have the time or ability to tackle. Now may be the time to consider additional rebates and incentives, too.
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Drive immediate energy savings with utility-branded kits, shipped directly to your customers’ doorsteps from our sister company AM Conservation Group. We have product available in our coast-to-coast warehouses and have been deemed an essential business, which means we're ready and capable of meeting your unique needs.
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Our priority is the safety of our employees. We are in constant communication with clients across the country. Additionally, we have prescribed supplies that our Logistics Team is working to ship to offices and field locations. They are tracking supply levels actively. We also have our operations protocols that outline required practices. 

Each program manager is in regular communication with our clients and they will work together when a local situation escalates or shelter-at-home directives are put in place. 

We have a dedicated Logistics Team that is solely focused on procuring and distributing supplies, which includes both obtaining what our employees need as well as sharing what they currently have. In the instances where a program is temporarily not working in the field, their supplies are being rerouted to a program in need. 

We have a dedicated team of experts creating innovative ways to continue EE work under the constraints of COVID-19. Activities include developing innovative and low-touch delivery methods, providing essential services for programs, and evolving field technologies to support lower-touch delivery. The programs we deliver will be more important than ever as we go forward, given the increase in energy consumption by residential consumers, by the need for businesses to lower operating costs as they recover if financially impacted, and a need to keep educating the general public on the positive economic and environmental impacts of efficiency and grid optimization. 

Yes. At this time, we have seen a reduction in bulk orders due to program pauses, which has made additional product available and our factories are shipping additional product to our distribution centers as usual. At this time, we are fully stocked. We do not anticipate any issues with existing marketplaces and kit programs that are operating as originally forecasted. Due to the evolving nature of this situation, please work closely with your AMCG sales representative or Franklin business development contact to determine whether your needs can be met if they are outside our existing program forecasts or for a new program, but we expect to be able to meet your needs. 

Yes. As of now, we are operating at full capacity and intend to ship as long as we are allowed to do so. Due to the evolving nature of this situation, our ability to have staff at the warehouses and ship products may change based on local restrictions in either Charleston, SC or Sparks, NV, but we have been deemed an essential business by each city and are currently operating as normal. Should the situation change, we will notify our clients immediately.  

Our employees are our most precious resource and we’re continuing to take or exceed all recommended steps to ensure their safety and the safety of our clients end-use customers. The specific steps we’ve taken include: (1) taking the temperature of every staff member before they are allowed in the building, (2) providing masks for all employees to wear while working in the building, (3) installing an antibacterial station at the entrance to the warehouse, (4) installing anti-bacterial wipes and lotion at every kitting table and in the breakrooms, (5) spacing out staff members on our kitting lines, (6) eliminating all temporary labor in our Charleston warehouse, (7) not allowing anyone to work that has a temperature, cough or feels sick and (8) eliminating all non-essential visitors and vendor meetings in the offices and warehouses. In addition, the majority of our office staff are currently working from home.