Vision and Values

Vision and Values

What Matters to Us

Our Vision

We have a commitment to our employees, clients and future. Our vision is to create an expert culture where everyone is respected and mutually dedicated to his/her clients and colleagues, in order to drive a business that grows organically due to our exemplary level of delivery and industry knowledge.

Our Values

Our logo incorporates five graphic elements that extend from Franklin’s pillaring “i.” Each brilliant beacon signifies a guiding principle of our value system. Based on Benjamin Franklin’s core beliefs, Franklin Energy operates around our Five Core Values each and every day.

Safety— To us, safety is more than just a to-do item. It’s at the core of our culture – shaping our approach to program management, field efforts and customer interaction. There is no goal larger or more important than safety. And our humble, yet capable, attitude means we’re constantly learning, growing and improving the level of quality we deliver each and every day.

Integrity—Franklin maintains the highest level of integrity. This includes incorporating best practices and adhering to the most rigorous industry standards. Our commitment to integrity is manifested through internal audits, up-to-date certifications, quality assurance procedures, and both client and end-user satisfaction ratings. Above all, Franklin guarantees unbiased implementation services, so our clients have peace of mind that their interest comes first.

Results-Oriented—Simply put, we meet our clients’ energy efficiency goals. At Franklin Energy, our solutions pinpoint the right vision for each program, at the best value for both the client and its customers. We instill trust by listening to our clients’ challenges and objectives. And by solving for those needs, we reach results that add up to their success. As an unbiased third-party implementer, we work with local infrastructure of market sectors and Trade Allies to leverage program dollars and drive robust programs.

Responsibility—We are efficient to the core, from meeting our program milestones to engaging the right resources to staying in budget. We know the balance of effective project handoffs and cost-effective delivery creates the most valuable results for our clients. As an industry veteran, we make dollar-wise investments. We recognize when we should be sensible and when to invest in new technology or business opportunities.

Environmental Stewardship—We believe energy efficiency is the simplest and most pragmatic way to extend our world’s energy supplies. By upholding sustainable principles as an organization, we reflect our industry goals, respect our clients’ mission and preserve our own future operations. We are proud to play a significant role in providing energy efficiency solutions on a national scale.