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Our Purpose: To help all people use our world's precious resources more efficiently

Who We Are

A Snapshot of Franklin Energy's Growth

Hi, we're Franklin Energy. It's nice to meet you! Or maybe we've met before. After all, we have been around since 1994. We were built on the commercial and industrial sector, but over time, we've grown and welcomed new families into the fold.  GoodCents expanded our demand response capabilities, PlanetEcosystems is responsible for our cutting-edge technology, and Build It Green is expanding our West Coast footprint while bringing innovation to residential programs in terms of healthy home initiatives and customer engagement. We've partnered with AM Conservation Group to provide a seamless delivery of products within our programs, and they also deliver efficiency education through their acquisition of Resource Action Programs.

Franklin Energy Acquisitions Timeline


Even after decades of growth and change, we've managed to maintain our small-company culture of building relationships with our clients and keeping our promises every time. We're still providing the same energy efficiency implementation services our clients have known and loved for years.

You may have noticed our website is broken down into three parts: programs, platform, and products. Each component has been carefully built to best suit your needs, whether you're looking to connect more closely with your customers, reach goals more quickly, or anything in between. 

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Our Core Values




Environmental Stewardship


Our safety-first mentality shapes our approach to program and warehouse management, field efforts and customer interaction. Our employees, clients and their customers are our most valuable resource. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, doing what is right and delivering on our promises. Our atmosphere is one of appreciation for the diversity of our employees, our customers and the communities we work in, We foster a responsible, respectful, fun and team-focused environment, We embrace sustainability because we believe conservation, energy efficiency and demand management are the simplest and most pragmatic ways to preserve our world's precious resources. We listen to our clients' challenges and objectives. We believe strongly in aligning our operations with our clients' goals and objectives through KPIs and pay-for-performance strategies.

Maybe we're biased...

But we think our experts are pretty cool.

Here at Franklin Energy, we know our greatest asset is our diverse group of experts. We've intentionally assembled teams with members of different backgrounds, races, sexes, ages and more. It's how we stay one step ahead and drive consistent innovation. We're always looking for talented, passionate people to join us. If that sounds like you, check out our job openings!

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Still wondering what Franklin Energy does?

No worries – we get it. We really do a LOT for utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives! Simply put, Franklin Energy delivers energy efficiency and grid optimization programs for utilities. Our integrated services provide deep personalization and insights to build a lasting relationship with utility customers. Explore our intuitive platforms that connect utilities to their customers, our innovative programs to generate proven savings, and our quality products that build loyalty and help reduce energy and water use. Like we said, it's a lot, but we know each unique offering is essential to help all people use our world's most precious resources more efficiently. We're pretty proud of that.




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