Franklin Energy and AM Conservation are committed to helping our utility clients and partners drive our nation’s transition to a net-zero carbon future through three main points of focus:




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Lowering customers’
energy use and bills


carbon emissions

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Creating jobs that build healthier
communities & local economies

A Message from Our CEO

We are committed to becoming carbon-neutral by 2025. 

In 2021:


We distributed $28,000,000 incentive dollars to low-income customers.


We distributed more than $168,000,000 in energy efficiency incentives to customers.


Our work through our client utilities resulted in the reduction of 1,600,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2020.

Over the lifetime of the water- & energy-efficient measures we installed in 2021, our clients and utility customers will save:


22 billion kWh, equivalent to powering over 173,000 homes for a year


1.6 billion therms, carbon equivalent to taking more than 144,000 cars off the road for a year


48 billion gallons of water, equivalent to almost 74,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools


More than 3,500 new jobs were created from our work in 2021


Our 1,100 energy efficiency experts served over 3.6 million customers


Across the US, our programs in local communities created economic activity worth over $712 million



The Challenge:

2021 was not an easy year for any organization within our industry. Climate change effects are at an all-time high, local and federal funding—while growing—are still lagging behind where they should be, and emerging technologies are threatening to leave low- to moderate-income communities behind if not managed properly. 

Our Actions:

Wherever we identify a challenge, we recognize opportunity for improvement and growth. While we delivered on our core programs in the commercial and residential sectors, we also placed a larger emphasis on boosting traditionally underserved communities and advocating for energy affordability.

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Ways We’re Changing Our Energy Future

State Energy
Office Introduction

Following the passage of unprecedented federal funding, Franklin Energy utilized our nearly 30 years of experience designing and implementing large-scale residential and commercial energy efficiency and clean energy programs to welcome state energy offices nationwide. Our state energy office programming emphasizes the state’s role as the decision-maker and administrator for environmental program activities, with programs tailored to their unique resources, delivery capacity and energy goals.


In 2021, our residential services teams completed 424 whole-home retrofit projects for low- to moderate-income customers on behalf of a non-profit corporation in Delaware. Working with community-based organizations, our teams identified communities with the greatest need and coordinated projects with the greatest impact. The result was an average of 0.37 kW and 2,2014.79 kWh in annual savings per project and increased customer engagement.

Solar Installation

Our product division, AMC, began engaging with solar installers across the country. Through a completely customizable products kit—which could include anything from smart lighting products to water-saving showerheads to advanced power strips to Google Nest smart thermostats—we have begun helping solar installers cut customer acquisition costs, increase customer retention, and more. Early kit pilots have increased customer pull-through by 10% and customer acquisition by 15%.

Workforce Education
and Training

In 2021, Franklin Energy focused on increasing our commitment to social equity and working with traditionally underserved communities. Through our workforce education and training initiatives, we led the development of a new community college energy efficiency degree program in the California Statewide community College System. Working closely with underserved communities, our teams broke new ground by creating pathways for high school seniors to enter the clean energy workforce as an alternative to traditional four-year college.


We completed over 600 projects in affordable multifamily housing in 2021, providing health and safety measures to remove energy efficiency barriers for income-qualified customers. We worked alongside a diverse partner organization to utilize strategic energy management (SEM) techniques, improving residents’ indoor air quality and overall comfort. Together, these innovations improved energy equity throughout the country by providing traditionally underserved multifamily households with clean energy opportunities while supporting growth for community-based, minority-owned businesses.

Reimagined Utility

In a quest to drive product sales and increase customer engagement and satisfaction, Franklin Energy developed a first-of-its-kind utility marketplace in 2021. Hundreds of hours spent in innovation workshops and sprint work with our utility clients led to an all-in-one approach to products, services, and projects. We expanded our existing offerings to fully support customer purchases of major household projects, in addition to standard products commonly offered through online stores, direct installation support, program enrollment, and education.

Celebrating our differences

Championing our people means we are committed to creating the best place to work for our employees and making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve by engaging with diverse suppliers and partners. We know people are our most valuable assets, and our continued success and growth are directly related to our ability to attract, enable, develop, and retain diverse and innovative talent.


Passion For What We Do

Aaron Hammer

Aaron Hammer

I find meaning in this work. It’s incredibly satisfying to take a step back from day-to-day work and realize that what you’re doing matters and that you’re working at a company that is truly working to be part of the energy and climate solution.

Angie Bivens

Angie Bivens

My passion comes out of my past, my own hurt and pain, and I turned that into a way to help others. I love what I do.

Dana Perry

Dana Perry

The work that we do here is meaningful. It’s important today and it’s important for all the days to come. The purpose, the passion, the fulfillment is more than I’ve ever experienced at an organization.

Emmanuel Llamas

Emmanuel Llamas

I really believe in the message that we’re delivering to our customers to help them save money as well as the impact we have on our environment.

Megan Nyquist

Megan Nyquist

I find hope in the clean energy transformation when we see the positive impact that we have at the community level.

Dean Laube

Dean Laube

Growing up, I recognized that we weren’t taking care of the one thing that we hold precious. I wanted to make it part of my life.

Our Purpose

To boldly change our energy future.

Our Values:

We inspire.

We empower every customer with smart, affordable, carbon-reducing energy solutions.

We innovate.

We introduce new ideas to build strong communities and local economies free from the effects of climate change.

We are inclusive.

We work in a safe, diverse, and collaborative culture to solve the complexity of long-term energy management and equity.

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